To add your AC, please try "Smart Learning" or "Manual Selection" first.

If "Smart Learning" and "Manual Selection" doesn't work, let's try "Customize" your AC remote. ↓↓


Every infrared command of an air conditioner remote includes on/off status, temperature, mode (Heat/Cool/Dehumidify/Auto) of the target device. So you cannot do button learning individually like learning TV, light etc.

To customize an air conditioner remote, you need to set the final status, temperature, mode in the App panel first, then press the button on your original remote to send the command.


For example, to learn the 'ON' command setting to cool mode at 20°C.

1) On your original remote, set the mode to cool and the temperature to 21°C. (If its temperature step is 0.5°C, you may set to '20.5°C'.)


2) On the app panel, tap ‘ON’ to start learning then set to ‘Cool’ mode and 20°C in the pop-up window.


3) Direct your original remote to the Hub Plus and press the temperature down button. The command sent out includes ‘ON’, ‘20°C’ and ‘COOL’.


4) The learning is done If the ‘ON’ button in the app panel turns blue.


Congratulations, every time you press this 'ON' button it will set your air conditioner to cool mode at 20°C.


To learn the 'OFF' command, just tap the 'OFF' button on the App panel then press 'OFF' button on your original remote to learn. If there is a power button named ‘ON/OFF’ on the remote, please press the power button during the air conditioner running (so it will turn off your target device) to learn the ‘OFF’ button in the App panel.


Please note the Alexa/Google Home integration of a customized air conditioner supports 'ON' and 'OFF' commands only currently.

To add more functions, please let us know the brand and model number of your air conditioner by sending an email to



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