Make sure your appliance (air conditioner, TV, etc.) is already added to your Hub Plus/Mini, and Google Home is ready.

For your ref: How to add infrared appliances to Hub Mini?

                     How to add infrared appliances to Hub Plus?


Step 2:

Link "SwitchBot Smart Home" service on Google Home App



Search "SwitchBot" and add the "SwitchBot Smart Home" service.

  • Kindly noted the user name should be put exactly the same as the one shown on the "Profile" page on SwitchBot APP. The upper case and the lower case are different. 




* Please ask your Google Home to update the device list after adding a new device.

* You can say:

"OK Google, sync my devices."


Update: appliances learned by "Others" can support Google Home and Alexa services by using IFTTT. Click to learn more.



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