1. Open the SwitchBot App, tap “Add Device” on the left sidebar menu, then select “Meter”. (Please make sure Bluetooth function on your phone has been turned on.)


2. Long press the button on the backside of your Meter until the Bluetooth icon flashes on the Meter’s display. The button is right above the battery compartment.

3. Tap “Next” on your App, then wait for a few seconds. You’ll find the Meter added to SwitchBot App successfully.


4. Tap the “Gears” icon on your newly added Meter in the App. Then select and enable the “Cloud Service” of your Hub device.


5. Now you have paired your Meter with the Hub Plus/Mini. The Hub device makes checking your Meter remotely and historical data storage possible. What’s more, it opens up possibilities for setting up a “Scene” as well as Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT integrations.   




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