Last Updated: 2023 May 26

  • Related Products: SwitchBot Hub Mini 

  • SwitchBot App Version: 7.0 or newer 

  • Firmware Version: 3.9-2.6 or newer

Before registering the home appliance remote control, first, add the SwitchBot Hub Mini to the SwitchBot app.

* Please refer to the following because the customization mode of the air conditioner is different from the customization mode of ordinary home appliances.

How to register the air conditioner remote control in "Customize"

The learning method may differ depending on the model number of the infrared remote control, so let's use the following four learning modes and add home appliance remote controls one by one!

Well, let me guide you through the four modes of "Smart Matching(Smart Learning)", "Select Manually(Find Manufacturer)", "Learn Buttons(Customize)" and "Other".

When learning, if an error such as "learning failure 4" or "timed out" appears on the screen, there is a possibility that the corresponding button will function wirelessly instead of infrared.
When registering the remote control, bring the remote control closer to the hub mini and adjust the angle and distance from the hub mini. If the button is recognized, you will see an indication of success.

Smart Matching(Smart Learning)

  1. Open the SwitchBot app and tap the Hub Mini icon.
  2. Tap Add Appliance and choose the appliance type that you want to add.
  3. Point the physical remote to your Hub Mini and tap "Smart Learning". Then follow the app's guide to help learn your remote's functionality.

Select Manually(Find Manufacturer)

If Smart Learning doesn't work, you can try selecting the brand and model manually.
  1. Tap Manual Selection at the bottom of the learning mode page.
  2. Choose your appliance brand and then select the corresponding model.
(Please note: if you can not find an exact number, we recommend trying a similar model as many share the same features.)
  1. Test your remote, and save.
Manual mode still can't learn your remote? No worries, you can try Customize mode instead.

Learn Buttons(Customize)

  1. Tap customize at the bottom of the Brand page.
  2. Point your appliance remote at SwitchBot Hub Mini and follow the app's guide to mimic your remote's buttons.
  3. Buttons should change to blue on your app once learning is successful.
For air conditioners, please check it from this link:


You can use this mode to program your buttons one by one and name it by feature or use an alias of your choice.
  1. Roll down the page and choose the Others category.
  2. Point your appliance remote at SwitchBot Hub Mini and follow the app's guide to mimic your remote's buttons.
  3. Tap the "+" icon and name your button.
  4. Tap Start after you name your button, and then press the remote button once when the indicator on your SwitchBot Hub Mini is off.
  5. After receiving a message that learning is completed, tap Test to test your button.
  6. If your button works, tap Save and continue to add other buttons.
  7. After you have set up all buttons, tap Save to save this remote.
  1. Your button alias can not be changed once set. If you need to change it, you need to delete it and set it again.
Please note: buttons set using this mode cannot be controlled directly by Alexa or Google Assistant.
Alternatively, you could create a Manual Scene via our app to control via Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT. For details regarding this, please check here (Alexa) or here (Google Assistant).



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