(Alexa services setting process is the same as the Google Home service.)

→Step 1: Create a new Applets in IFTTT app.

Choose "Google Assistant" as THIS (trigger service).

1. Select the trigger you want to use. Let's use "Say a simple phrase" here.

2. Link to your Google account, if you are creating Applet with this service first of time.

3. Set the trigger parameters.

→Step 2: Choose "SwitchBot" as THAT (action service)

1. Search and find "SwitchBot" service

2. Connect to your SwitchBot account, if you are doing it for the first time.

3. Choose the action you want to use. For example, use "Bot turn on" action to turn on "office door" (Bot's nickname). Optionally, edit the title so it is easy for you to remember.

Done! Now you can say a simple phrase and ask Google Assistant to control any of your SwitchBot devices or your home appliances.


*Note: You could also connect SwitchBot with Google Home directly.


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