First, please make sure you have added the appliances as "Others" types. Click to read: How to mimic your IR remote.


→ Step 1: Create new Applets in the IFTTT app.

Choose the trigger service (IF condition) that you want to use, for example: "Button widget".


Then choose "SwitchBot" as the action service. Select " Control home appliances" as the THAT action.


→ Step 2: Create an action.

Create a SwitchBot action in the first time will take you to link your SwitchBot account, if you have not done it for other Applets before. Input your SwitchBot account and password, and you are all set.


→ Step 3: Edit the Applet title if necessary, and test it out.

Done! Now you can control any appliances registered in the SwitchBot App as "Others" types with IFTTT.



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