Updated 22/12/2022

  • Related products: SwitchBot Hub Mini
  • SwitchBot App Version: 6.20.1 or later
  • Device Firmware Version: 3.7-2.4 or later

1. Make sure our app is up to date.
2. Make sure your Hub Mini has been added to your SwitchBot account, and its firmware version is up to date.
Note: Follow these steps to check your firmware version: SwitchBot App > Tap Device Name > then press Settings (upper right-hand corner of your screen) > and Firmware Version.
3. Make sure SwitchBot Hub Mini is connected to a stable 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n, IPv4) Wi-Fi network.
Please note: Hub Mini can not support 5GHz or any other mixed networks. IPv6 networks and Wi-Fi 6 routers are also not supported.
4. You may find simply rebooting your router will fix your issue.
5. Please note that building materials and metal objects located between your Wi-Fi router and Hub Mini or between your Hub Mini and your mobile phone may disrupt connectivity. If possible, we recommend placing Hub Mini with a clear path to your Wi-Fi router.
6. If the above doesn't work, follow the steps below to perform a test by connecting your Hub Mini to a personal hotspot from another mobile phone. Follow the steps below.
- Turn a Personal Hotspot on from another mobile phone.
- If possible, turn off your Wi-Fi router to remove signal disturbances during testing.
- For iPhone 12 or newer Apple smartphone models, please turn on Maximize Compatibility to ensure your personal hotspot is a 2.4GHz network.

7. After your Personal Hotspot is enabled, follow the steps below via our app to proceed:
8. Find your SwitchBot Hub Mini on our app home page
9. Tap the Settings icon ⚙️ located in the top right-hand corner.
10. Enter Wi-Fi Settings.
11. Press Edit, and enter a new name & password for your Personal Hotspot on your mobile phone.
12. If your Hub Mini connects to your Personal Hotspot without any issues, then the problem may be with the settings of your Wi-Fi router.

If you're still having issues setting up SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can contact us via Profile > Feedback > and select the product you need support for. Then simply describe your issue and please try include the following information:
1. Router brand and model
2. Mobile device model
3. Smartphone operating system
4. SwitchBot app version
5. Any other screenshots showing error messages



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