Every Bluetooth device SwitchBot has made so far, including SwitchBot Bot (the Bot) and SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer (the Meter), comes with our super power-saving BLE mesh networking capability. In addition, SwitchBot Hub (the Hub), Hub Plus and Hub Mini also have the BLE mesh networking capability.


BLE mesh networking enables many-to-many (m:m) communications and is optimized for creating large-scale node networks. It helps you reach devices out of BLE range by relaying signals from one device to another automatically.


Let's say, Bot A is reachable through your mobile phone, while Bot B is NOT directly reachable through your mobile phone. However, as long as Bot B is within the BLE range of Bot A, then Bot B can still be controlled by your smartphone App with the help of BLE mesh. In other words, the more SwitchBot products you have at home, the more efficient the network will be.


So even when the Bluetooth icon of the Bot or Meter in the SwitchBot App is greyed out (weak signal), you could still be able to control the device via BLE mesh networking.


Note: We highlighted power-saving here as it’s our patented BLE mesh technology that makes power consumption of our products much lower than other BLE products in the market. This is the reason why the battery life of the Bot can be as long as 600 days.



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