1. Set up your Meter correctly and pair it with a SwitchBot Hub device. Make sure the “Cloud Service” of your Meter has been enabled.


2. Your Meter scans the surrounding temperature and humidity every four seconds, records and uploads the data to the Cloud automatically. With the help of Hub, the load speed of temperature data in your App gets much faster than without a Hub.


3. Select “Scene” on the dock of SwitchBot App, then tap “+” to set up a new Scene.


4. Add a condition or multiple conditions as a trigger first, then add an action or multiple actions (device group control) as you need.


5. In this case:

  • a. Select “Meter” as the condition, then set a specific temperature or humidity trigger.

  • b. The next step is to set a desired air conditioner status (e.g. ON, COOL, MEDIUM, 25°C; or OFF) as the action. (Note: the air conditioner should have been added to the Hub Plus before this setup.)

  • c. If you own other SwitchBot devices (Bot, Plug, or Humidifier), they can easily be set as actions as well.



For the Scene to run smoothly, make sure you set the condition(s) properly. Normally the preset action(s) will be executed within 2 minutes if the condition(s) has been met.


We’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve the “Scene” feature. Kindly suggest an improvement via "Feedback" in SwitchBot App.




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