Before you create a "Scene" with SwitchBot Hub Mini, please check:

1. Have you set up your SwitchBot Hub Mini?

2. Have you added other SwitchBot devices (SwitchBot Meter or SwitchBot etc.)? Or have you added appliances with SwitchBot Hub Mini?

3. Make sure the “Cloud Service” of your Meter or Bot has been enabled.


Now let's create a smart "Scene" with Hub Mini.

1. Tap Scene on the dock of the home page.

2. Tap "+ Create a Scene"

3. Tap "Add a condition" and select the trigger condition (Manual/Timer/Trigger by Meter). For SwitchBot Meter, you can select Temperature or Humidity as the trigger. (Tips: tap the "⊕" icon and you can add multiple triggers.)

4. After the trigger(s) set, tap "Add an action".

5. Select the action device(s). And you can tap the "⊕" icon to add multiple action devices.

6. Tap "Test" to check if the scene works properly.

7. If you choose manual execution, you could tap "Execute" to trigger this scene. For automatic execution, you could switch it on/off.


For the Scene to run smoothly, make sure you set the condition(s) properly. Normally the preset scene will be executed within 2 minutes once the condition(s) has met.


We’d love to hear your feedback about this feature. If you have any suggestion or problem, kindly send us a message via the "Feedback" section in-app.



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