SwitchBot supports "Siri Shortcuts".


Now you can ask Siri to control your infrared controlled appliances easily with SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini!



  1. iOS 12.1 or newer

  2. SwitchBot v2.9.1 or newer

  3. SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini


How to set up:


→Step 1: Enable the "Siri Shortcuts" feature in the SwitchBot App.


→Step 2: Set the target status or select the action command.

*If you want to control AC, please always set AC's target status in the Siri Shortcuts's action.

e.g. When I say "Turn on AC", I want the AC to be set as "COOL mode, 25 degrees, AUTO speed".

After setting the status, record your personalized phrase.


→Step 3: Create a Shortcut in Siri Shortcuts


→Step 4: Test it in Siri Shortcuts


Bingo! Now you can use Siri to control your IR appliances.



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