There are 3 learning modes to add infrared appliances for the SwitchBot Hub Plus.


Let me introduce how to add an IR appliance, let's say, the "Air Conditioner".


► Mode A: Smart Learning (Recommended, easiest)


Just 1- click, recognize your remote model automatically.

Follow the App's instructions to "smart learning". ↓↓


► Mode B: Manual Mode (Second Choice)

The Hub Plus was preset with more than 4,000 appliance models.


If you failed to add your appliances with "Smart Learning", try manually select your brand and model. ↓↓


► Mode C: Customize Mode

If you failed with "Manual mode", don't worry.


Use our "Customize" mode to mimic some remote buttons. ↓↓


Still can't get it to work? Stay calm and keep reading, we've got you all covered ↓↓.


■ "Others" type

(Note: The remote that was added by "Others", can use IFTTT, but could not use Alexa and Google Home services for now.)


Check the video tutorial:


Tips & Tricks: 1. Please make sure the Hub Plus is with yellow light and then start adding your button. 2. Point the remote directly to the Hub Plus front. 3. Click just one time and wait for the Hub Plus to flash green. No need to click repeatedly.


BTW, if you want us to add your appliances to the preset list faster so that you could add it with Smart Learning with just one click, please contact us via the SwitchBot App "Feedback" (in the left side menu bar).



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