Updated: Jan 18th, 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Bot

In case you forgot your Bot's password or the Bot cannot work properly, you can follow the steps to reset the Bot:

1. Open the bot's cover from the front.

2. Short-press the button in the corner ONCE. (Do NOT hold down)


3. Close the cover.


The reset is now complete.


※All settings will be removed, including timer, action mode, and password.

※If you press and hold the reset bot, it will enter firmware recovery mode and you will not be able to reset it. You will see a popup as shown in the figure. If necessary, please follow the guidance to perform the firmware recovery.The firmware recovery mode lasts for two minutes. The firmware recovery mode will be canceled if the bot's battery is removed or inserted during this period. A second press of the reset button will reset the bot.







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