Last Updated: 2023 August 5

  • Related Products: SwitchBot Robot Vacuum K10+
  • SwitchBot App Version: 7.4 or newer

1. Make sure your SwitchBot App is the latest version.

2. Please connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

3. Please remove the faceplate of the vacuum cleaner body, turn off the power switch once, and turn it on again.

4. Before connecting to Wi-Fi, please be sure to press and hold the charging button and cleaning button at the same time for at least 3 seconds, check the voice guidance "Wi-Fi settings have been reset", and then connect to Wi-Fi again. I will.

5. When connecting to Wi-Fi, check that the Wi-Fi of "Robot-xxxxxxxx" emitted from the SwitchBot Robot Vacuum K10+ itself is displayed in the Wi-Fi list on your smartphone. If you don't see it, repeat step 4 and try again.

6. Please reboot your home router and try again.

7. Please turn off your home Wi-Fi once, connect to tethering on your smartphone, and check if pairing is possible.

8. If you have another smartphone at hand, please try it.

9. If the above does not help, please log in to the SwitchBot App -> Profile -> Help and Feedback -> Feedback and contact us. We would appreciate it if you could provide the following information when contacting us. Our technical team will investigate.

  • Videos that cannot connect to Wi-Fi (using the feedback screen recording feature)
  • Smartphone OS version (e.g. iOS 16.5/Android 13)
  • Router manufacturer and model number
  • Serial number of SwitchBot Robot Vacuum K10+

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