■ Step 1

Make sure your SwitchBot Hub Mini/Plus ​is connected to the Internet.

Then enable the Contact Sensor's cloud service

■ Step 2

Open your Alexa App. Search "SwitchBot" skill.

Sign in to your SwitchBot account to enable the skill.

■ Step 3

Discover devices and you will find your Contact Sensor has been added.

■ Step 4

Add a routine and then follow the instructions in the Alexa app to finish setting the routine.


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  • Andrew Westrope

    Do you plan to support additional triggers in Alexa to make use of the motion /ambient sensor / enter / exit?

    A simple solution may be to add
    an additional contact sensor device to Alexa for enter/exit.

    Another possibility is to allow triggering an Alexa routine from an action of a SwitchBot scene (this may cause less confusion from a UX point of view and gives you total control of the device triggers)


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