Updated: 2022.12.21

  • Applicable products:  SwitchBot Bot
  • SwitchBot app Version:  6.20.1 or newer
  • Device firmware version:  V6.4 or newer

1. Make sure your SwitchBot App version is up to date.

2. Make sure the Bot has been upgraded to the latest firmware version. If the Bot is connecting to Cloud Service via the Hub Mini or Ceiling Light, Make sure Hub Mini and Ceiling Light have been upgraded to the latest firmware version as well.

3. Please check if the Hub Mini is offline. If it has gone offline, refer to: Fix your Hub Mini WiFi network connection

4. Make the Hub Mini or Ceiling Light closer to the Bot and try again. Please keep in mind that walls and other interference between the devices may decrease this range.


5. If it still doesn't work, feel free to reach your SwitchBot Support team by opening SwitchBot App > Tap Profile  >Tap Feedback > Select your device, or reach us with the popup icon on this page.




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