Updated: Apr 13th, 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Outdoor Meter

Now you can listen to the humidity on Alexa using Meter/Meter Plus/Outdoor Meter. Our team will guide you through the procedure.

1. Pair the Meter with the Hub Plus/Mini. Ensure that "Cloud Services" is enabled in the Meter's settings.


2.Follow the instructions below to turn on the cloud service of Outdoor Meter.

  • Open SwitchBot App.
  • Tap Outdoor Meter.
  • Tap the "gear" icon upper right corner of the details page.
  • Turn on the cloud services in the "Cloud Services" option.

3. Please confirm that the SwitchBot App has been linked to the Alexa App.

Procedure for linking:



Method 1: Ask Alexa directly.

You can confirm the humidity (or temperature) of the Meter by saying the following commands.

Alexa, ask SwitchBot to show the humidity/temperature of (device name).
Alexa, ask SwitchBot to tell me the humidity/temperature of (device name).​
Alexa, ask SwitchBot what's the humidity/temperature of (device name).


As a reference, please refer to the most recent Alexa App information:



Method 2. Check with Custom Skills.

3. To activate the custom skill, speak "Alexa, open SwitchBot"/"Alexa, activate SwitchBot."

The Custom Skill screen looks like this:



4. "Alexa, temperature/humidity of (device name)." / "Alexa, tell me the temperature/humidity of (device name)." / "Alexa, what is the temperature/humidity of (device name)?"

By uttering these voice commands, you can obtain temperature and humidity information.


(1) Alexa will not respond if you choose a voice command other than those mentioned above.

For example, you can name it: study Meter/office Meter


Here is an example of an Alexa response:




5. If the above does not confirm the temperature/humidity, please try disabling and enabling the SwitchBot App skill once on Alexa.



6. In case the problem persists, please log into the SwitchBot app and click on "Profile" > "Feedback". We would appreciate it if you could provide us with the following details when contacting us

History of voice activations (Alexa app → Miscellaneous → Activity → Voice history)


1. Humidity can be checked with a Custom Sskill, but Alexa currently only recognizes the Meter as a thermometer. This is important to know.

2. You do not have to activate the Custom Skill in order to hear the temperature/humidity. You can ask Alexa directly: "Alexa, temperature/humidity of (device name)." / "Alexa, tell me the temperature/humidity of (device name)." / "Alexa, what is the temperature/humidity of (device name)?"





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