Updated: Mar 17th , 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Humidifier

Clean the Water Tank

After each use , please empty the water in the water tank and clean the water tank every three to five days to keep it sanitary.

1. Remove the tank lid , take out the water tank and the filter.
2. Fill the water tank for 1/3 with water.
3. Add some mild washing - up liquid to the water in the water tank.
4. Clean the inside of the water tank with a soft clean cloth.
5. Empty the water tank into a sink.

Clean the Base of the Humidifier

Regularly clean the inside and outside of the humidifier to prevent dust from collecting.
1. Always unplug the humidifier before you clean it.
2. Wipe away dust with a soft dry cloth from the base of the humidifier.
3. Clean the air inlet and the air outlet with a soft dry cloth.

Never use abrasive , aggressive , or flammable cleaning agents such as bleach or alcohol to clean any part of the humidifier.

After cleaning, Use only clean, cool water to fill the water tank.



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