Updated: Feb 19th, 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Blind Tilt

At the moment, you can only control the Blind Tilt fully open and fully closed with Amazon Alexa. The ability to open and close up to a percentage is currently undergoing certification, so please wait a little longer for the release.

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  • tybeejody

    Please hurry. I have four Blind Tilt's now and would like to order many more when you make it so I can open with percentages and more importantly, close up to totally block out the sun.

  • andx

    Any updates on this feature for Alexa? I was not aware that this feature is missing prior to purchasing and am quite disappointed.


  • ronh50

    It's been months since upgrades to the Alexa skill were announced, yet it can still only fully open or fully close, and 'Closed' is not even the correct position.  If you can't make it do percentages, at least let us choose between Close Up or Close Down.

  • John Smith

    Agree - this is critical to my use case as well. I just bought  this for one of my blinds as a test. I like the way it works but if I can't do partial  open/close through Alexa, I will need to return it and go with something else.

    s there any update on when this will be available?

  • jgonzenbach

    It’s been over a year since this was written. Don’t you think an update is appropriate?

  • hansenandrewg

    Agreed, it would be good to have any update and hopefully some ETA when this feature will be coming.

    I’d also like to make sure that when the feature does arrive, that we will have the ability to close blinds in both directions (up and down) with voice control through Alexa devices.


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