Updated: Feb 19th, 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Lock
  • SwitchBot App Version: V6.22 or newer

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the SwitchBot App on your iPhone.

2. Please pair it with your Apple Watch through the Watch App on your iPhone.

Please note: If you are unsure how to pair the device or if pairing does not work, please contact Apple.

3. Please open the Watch App and install SwitchBot in the list of available Apps in the My Watch.


4. After installation, the devices in the SwitchBot app are automatically synchronized with the Apple Watch.

5. Tap the SwitchBot App icon on your Apple Watch to the device list. Please feel free to operate your device, including locking it.


Please Note: The Lock can only be unlocked with the Apple Watch within Bluetooth range. Even if the lock's cloud service is enabled, the Lock cannot be remotely controlled by the Apple Watch. Please note that this is not possible.

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