Updated: Feb 19th, 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwtichBot Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor

1. Please note: At this time, Alexa only can use the motioned detected function of the Motion Sensor and the Close/Open status of the Contact sensor. Their light sensor function of them has not yet been supported.

2. The Motion Sensor in Alexa can be set as a condition of "When motions are Not Detected or Detected" in the picture below, and the Contact sensor can be set as a condition of "When Contact Sensor is Close or Open.”, as shown in the below picture.


3. Alexa can set the Contact Sensor as a condition of door opening/closing, as shown in the picture below.


4. If you wish to use the light sensor function, please use the Scenes in the SwitchBot App.

Please note: SwitchBot products cannot be set as a condition for Routines in Google Assistant.

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