Updated: Jan 04th, 2023

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Ceiling Light Pro, Ceiling Light, Remote
  • SwitchBot App Version: V6.21.1 or newer
  • Firmware Version: SwitchBot Ceiling Light Series V1.3-0.4 or newer, Remote V4.5 or newer

1. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SwitchBot app.

2. Please make sure the SwitchBot Remote and Ceiling Light have been added to the SwitchBot app and have the latest firmware version.
If your SwitchBot Ceiling Light series is not V1.3-0.4 or newer/Remote V4.5 or newer, please log in to SwitchBot App → Profile → Feedback.

Note: With SwitchBot app V6.19 or newer, tapping "Select scene for manual execution" will automatically update the Remote V4.5.


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3. If the firmware version update does not improve the problem, please log in to the SwitchBot app → Profile → Feedback and contact us.



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