Last Updated: 2024 Jan 31

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  • SwitchBot App Version: 7.11 or newer 
  • Firmware Version: 6.5 or newer 

1. You can lock and unlock SwitchBot Lock with your Apple Watch.

Note: locking and unlocking using Apple Watch is only possible when within Bluetooth range. Even if your SwitchBot Lock has cloud services turned on, your Lock can not be remotely controlled using your Apple Watch.

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2. Most Android Smart Watches with Google Wear OS are compatible now.

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Other supported smart watches:

  • Google Pixel Watch
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Others

Please note:

Huawei watches that use HarmonyOS are not supported.

Smartwatches using Google Wear OS are only compatible with SwitchBot on smartphones running Android OS; iOS devices are not supported.



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