Last Updated: 2023 Dec 7

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1. You can select a one-way or two-way call in the call mode item.
*The outdoor camera is only equipped with a two-way communication function.


2. The default call mode is the one-way mode, and tap your camera to go to the Real-time monitoring screen. Speak while pressing the microphone mark. (You can talk only while pressing the button)


3. If you select the two-way call in the detailed settings, the call button will become a phone mark, and you can talk forever by pressing it once. When you want to end the call, press the phone mark again. (The phone mark turns blue during a call.)



4. If you cannot change the talk mode, please submit a feedback ticket on SwitchBot App, and our tech support will provide you with professional help. 

Note: One-way call is only supported in Google Home, while a two-way call is only supported in Alexa App. And this applies to our SwitchBot Indoor Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam(2K/3MP), and Outdoor Spotlight Cam. 




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